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Auto Repair Estimates in Mesa

At Serious Fleet and Automotive vehicle receives a free safety and system inspection. Why miss the chance to ensure you are safe and reliable on the road today? For an honest, up-front, educational auto repair estimate, trust Serious Fleet and Automotive.

Eliminate the guesswork with car repair estimates

Serious Fleet and Automotive must diagnose all concerns before giving an estimate. Unfortunately, there are many shops and technicians that don’t have the fundamental understanding that we do at Serious Fleet. We diagnose vehicles every day that come from other shops, saving customers money. Let us take the burden in regards to your vehicle’s maintenance or repair needs.

Talking to an automotive professional about your auto repair estimate

Here at Serious Fleet and Automotive, you will be educated thoroughly on your repair. All that we ask is that you give us as much detailed information about the symptoms as possible.

  • What are you noticing is different or boldly not working correctly?
  • In what conditions is this symptom taking place? In the morning, at 55 MPH, when the vehicle is warm, etc. These details matter and give us the most information to get you back on the road right.
  • How long have you noticed this symptom?
  • Are there any additional concerns with your vehicle?
  • Every vehicle gets a thorough test drive and inspection at Serious Fleet and Automotive.

Auto repair estimates that you can trust

Don’t be surprised when we take you out to the shop and safely show you the underside of your car. We provide inspection pictures that are text messaged to you and we save components to show you during our educational process of repair.

Contact Us Today for an Auto Repair Estimate

We are ready to get to the heart of any problems with your vehicle’s performance. Stop by for a thorough auto repair estimate that includes a detailed inspection, and cost and timeframe details. We offer some of the best rates in the business. We take pride in our auto repair estimates in Mesa, so stop by and find out why! Schedule an appointment today so we can earn your trust and your business.